Dedicated To Small Business Owners

Daring To Dream

You have followed your life's passion and pursued owning your own business. It's likely that the day-to-day operations, dealings with customers and vendors and employee relations keep you on your toes. But have you taken a moment to stop and think about your long term goal and then actually sat down and planned for all the affecting contingencies?

Or perhaps you are just now at the point in your life and career where you are able to finally get the ball rolling and set out on your small business venture.

If you have recently taken over a family business or purchased a business, it may be in your best interest to enlist a qualified business attorney to review, update or modify existing contracts and agreements. Now is also a good time to create or update a retirement plan, an asset protection plan and possibly to craft a new business plan.

Meeting The Needs Of Small Businesses

At Kiefaber & Oliva LLP, we understand the needs of a small business, including the importance of finding reasonable rates and exceptional, personal accessibility. Business law is a big part of what we do.

No matter where you are on the small business journey, we can advise and assist you in all matters relating to your business including:

It's been said that a stitch in time saves nine, and that is no more true than with small business buy-sell agreements. Retirement, bankruptcy, ill health, divorce and death are just a few of the issues that may affect your business. Having an effective buy-sell agreement, much like a well-crafted prenuptial agreement, ensures that both parties understand what will happen should any of these happen.

The No. 1 Mistake Business Owners Make

One of the biggest mistakes a business owner can make is not planning for failure. It is true that 90 percent all startups fail, but 100 percent of those businesses needed a comprehensive and detailed plan of how to deal with the business not working out the way it was planned.

Change is inevitable and planning for contingencies is one of the best ways to prepare. These changes can include the dissolution or sale of the business, deciding on the value of sweat equity, how divorce will affect the partnership and what to do in the case of serious illness or death of a partner.

Put Our Business Acumen To Work For Your Company

No matter what your legal needs may be or where you are in the small business journey, Kiefaber & Oliva LLP can meet your expectations and budget. Call our Houston firm today and speak to our small business lawyer at 713-391-8704 or contact us online.