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Forming a business can seem daunting, whether it is a sole proprietorship, partnership, limited liability company (LLC), corporation or other venture.

Effective and enduring business formation requires several considerations and steps. These may include:

There are advantages and disadvantages to certain types of entities, for example, forming an LLC, may be more advantageous than a corporation when it comes to high-liability risks. An LLC, may also be the right choice for a business that wants to maintain control of decisions instead of having stockholders vote on issues. LLCs offer tax advantages over corporations as well. We can also discuss the options available within the LLC structure, including Series LLCs.

Corporations on the other hand can sell stock shares to raise revenue and may have greater opportunities for growth. The answer to your specific business needs may be to form a corporation with an LLP, subsidiary. Nonprofits can operate much like corporations but do require extra steps, including filing for nonprofit status, creating bylaws and appointing directors. We will partner with you to determine which type of entity is right for your business.

Business operations pertain to a wide variety of transactions, contracts and services, including employee matters, compliance, leases, noncompete agreements, buy-sell agreements, license agreements, sales and distributor agreements and many more. Many of these are complex. For example, noncompete agreements seem on the surface straightforward but if they do not comport with Texas law in scope, duration or geography, they may not hold up in court.

Buy-sell agreements are perhaps the most vital of all when it comes to the success of a business. This is because buy-sell agreements govern what will happen when the unthinkable happens, which may include clauses for disputes. Buy-sell agreements should be considered "living" documents and should be evaluated annually by a lawyer.

Business succession, if carefully planned for, can be a smooth transition and can safeguard the success of the business and your assets.

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