Contract Review: An Ounce Of Prevention

It is often said that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. This proverb is absolutely true when it come to contracts.

As a small or family business owner, you know that there is nothing more valuable than protecting your assets and ensuring the continued successful operation of your business. This is a way having each and every one of your agreements and contracts reviewed by a qualified small-business attorney is vital. One small error in the wording of any agreement can be to your detriment.

Small-Business Contracts

Small-business contracts cover a wide variety of issues and business requirements. They may include:

  • Customer, sale or purchase agreements
  • Debt collection terms
  • Tax payments
  • Small-business insurance

Contracts can be between employees, vendors, buyers or with other businesses. Having your contracts and agreements reviewed lessens your overall risk. Having complex contracts drawn up or explained can save money, time and headaches down the line and ensure that your business is following industry regulations.

Various Types Of Review

Contract review can be a simple explanation of the unfamiliar terms in a one-time contract, to an explanation and opinion of a contract worth a few thousand dollars to a complex review of a contract that is long term, binding and worth tens of thousands of dollars. Contract review is appropriate when you are starting your business, changing ownership or creating a business succession plan within the family. By working with a firm that understands the needs of small and family businesses, you will have taken the first step in preventing what could become a major issue.

Kiefaber & Oliva LLP has a small staff of dedicated family and small business lawyers that will review your contracts from a simple explanation of what the contract means to an in-depth analysis and opinion on your best options to protect your interests. Contract review can also involve negotiations and modifications.

The time is now to begin a business relationship with a Houston small business attorney. Call Kiefaber & Oliva LLP at 713-391-8704 or contact us online. Whether your business is in Houston or the outlying Texas area, we can help.