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3 issues that could delay probate proceedings

After the death of a loved one, his or her estate will likely need to go through the Texas probate process. The legal proceedings associated with this process work to validate the will your family member created as well as allow you to carry out the instructions left in that document. Though probate can have many benefits, you may worry about the time and effort it takes to complete.

Probate does have the potential to take a considerable amount of time. The specific details associated with your loved one's estate can play a major role in the exact time needed, and each time frame differs from case to case. In order to hopefully move the process along, you may wish to understand what issues could cause delay.

Numerous beneficiaries

If the decedent felt generous while alive, he or she may have chosen to allocate remaining assets to multiple parties. While this act may mean that many people will reap the benefits of the estate, it also means that you will need to take additional time to ensure that each person receives notification of the death, probate process and assets involved. Additionally, these individuals will also need to return any necessary documents that require their signatures, and waiting for those documents can also delay the process.

Beneficiary conflict

When many beneficiaries have stake in the estate, the possibility exists for conflict to arise. If the beneficiaries do not particularly get along, some of those parties may attempt to cause unnecessary issues just to make the situation more difficult. This problem may also result in your needing to obtain permission from the court in order to take any steps to move the process forward.

Complex assets

Though distributing certain assets as part of the probate process may prove relatively easy, you may have a more difficult time handling complex property. If your loved one dealt with race horses, oil rights, collectibles or had patented information, you may feel at a loss as to how to properly address these assets. These types of property can prove difficult to value, and you may find yourself taking extended time to determine how to handle the issue.

Having a timely process

Though you may not have the ability to speed the process along as much as you would like, you may still be able to prepare for probate in hopes of moving along efficiently. By understanding your family member's estate and assets, you may find yourself better able to account for potential conflict and prepare ahead of time.

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