As oil and gas litigators and trial attorneys, our role is to develop strategies designed at achieving our clients’ goals in the course of threatened or actual litigation.

Pre-Litigation Strategy

When our clients are threatened with litigation, or when they have a claim against others, we provide considered legal counsel by seeking to understand our client’s objectives concerning acceptable resolution. From that understanding, we can then develop and implement custom and unique strategies in furtherance of exploring possibilities of resolving the matter prior to trial.

We know that in most cases our clients’ goals are not to incur the substantial managerial time, delay, and legal expense to take a case to trial, but rather to see if an acceptable resolution can be reached expeditiously. We counsel clients on the possibilities that exist for such resolution, including negotiation between company representatives and their respective counsel, mediation, and binding arbitration.


Our  trial attorneys prepare each case to go to trial and at the same time seek to obtain a possible resolution that avoids the uncertainty of a trial. We vigorously advance our client’s case, while proceeding down a simultaneous track of seeking a favorable settlement. The best course of action in achieving a favorable settlement is typically an aggressive and determined approach to case development, and to show opposing parties the risk they will face if the matter proceeds to trial.

In most cases, mediation will be required by the courts. We view mediation as an important dispute resolution opportunity, and prepare diligently for mediation to prove the strength of our client’s case in much the same manner as we would if we were going to trial. Diligent preparation and developed mediation strategies offer a significant opportunity for achieving a favorable result for our clients, either in or following a mediation.

At some point, it may become apparent that a settlement is not likely. At this point, our strategies become increasingly aggressive and single-mindedly focused on winning at trial. We know the expectations of our clients in presenting the strongest case possible at trial and advocating forcefully in all respects in seeking to win.

Our Fees

We understand that managing legal spend without compromising on quality or service is a key concern for clients. While we cannot predict the ultimate fees associated with a litigation matter, we can and do endeavor to estimate the fees and costs likely to be incurred for a particular matter based upon the anticipated course for litigation and our past experience. We also work with our clients throughout the duration of a litigation matter to control fees and costs.